Mind Body Spirit
There are many ways to nourish your head, heart and spirit at 580 Cafe.

  • Lively discussions both informally around coffee and food, or more focused in small group and justice activities- there's always something to talk about, and someone to listen or listen to.

  • Let it Flow Yoga with Erica Rey (certified yoga instructor)

  • Meditation and relaxation: coloring, journalling, hiking, music and prayer times, individually or in a small group- take a break and find space to step outside the busy-ness of studies and work.

  • Love Your Neighbor Dinners: Quarterly community meals with our neighbors of St. Alban's congregation. Join us to share food, conversation and getting to know people in our neighborhood!

Open Table
​Open Table offers many ways to engage students in prayer, meditation, worship and dialogue.

Monday Morning Meditations : 10:10am in the Chapel:
Music, meditation, prayer centering our spirits for the week ahead

Tuesday: Let It Flow Yoga with Erica  4:30 pm Parish Hall
Join 580 alum Erica Rey to relax, renew and stretch your mind body and soul

 Wednesday: Music & Meditation 5:30 pm Music, group singing as a means of reflection, focus and renweal. Join Andrew to use music as a form of meditation, prayer and community building.

Friday F.U. (Follow UP)  1:30am in the Upper Cafe
Valerie hosts this chill session to debrief the week, share challenges and struggles with each other to find balance and release.

580 Cafe has been engaging with students through Open Table for over six years.
Meals With Hope
Every second Saturday of the month, you will find students taking time from their studies to prepare, serve and share a meal with community members in West L.A.

Students come together to prepare food, read scriptures, and reflect to encourage and sustain mind, body and soul.

580 Cafe has participated in Meals With Hope at Kardia UMC for two years, providing a monthly meal and worship time with the community. 

Everyone agrees its a great way to share God's blessings and care.